Monday, January 25, 2010

Setting up playdates for your kids with {new friends} is tricky. First you have to figure out how to contact the parent of the kid your kid can't stop talking about. (I sent a note to school in her folder, addressed to "Other Kid's Mom"...I felt very much like I was back in elementary school myself.) Then you have to determine what their kid thinks of your in "Yeah, she's nice" or "Ewwww...she's the one that eats paste and follows me around all the time!" (See what I'm saying? Does your kid like my kid? Check yes or no.) You hope for the best. Then you have to wait for the other parent to make contact, and see if you can work out a date and time to get together. And then, when the time is set and the day draws near you have to {hope} that the other kid...and the other kid's nice and {normal}. Today we hit the jackpot. {Whew!} The girls played great together, my kid was polite & kind ~ always a plus ~ and didn't throw a fit when it was time to leave. I'm so hoping that other kid had a good time, too, and that the conversation upon our departure didn't include the sentence, "Well...she was...different." ;)

In addition to today's playdate adventure, I also accompanied the tiny people to a birthday party at Pump It Up yesterday. Nothing quite like 30 kids running and bouncing and wearing themselves out to make you really {really} tired. A good time was had by all.

When we got home and the kids went to bed, I busted out one of my pretty new crochet hooks and decided to muscle through yet another online tutorial until I had it figured out. And I {did}! Go me! I didn't even try to make something, I just wanted to make sure I had the stitching down. I'm going to attempt to actually make {something} this week. I'm thinking a scarf...and maybe a hat. We shall see! I'll also be attempting to make my very own batch of {molasses cookies} this week. And I have to get the house under control after a weekend of kid-centered activities that left the homestead more than a little neglected.

And with that...I'm off to try to get a chapter of my book read before I fall into a deep and uninterrupted slumber. A girl can dream, right?


  1. I taught myself with the Lion Brand "Teach Yourself to Crochet" book...came with hooks and stich markers and it has a bunch of *simple* patterns in it. If you want to borrow it, let me know.

  2. I knitted for several years but hands don't co-operate anylonger. I tried crocheting as it's faster but never got the yarn tension right for some reason. I loved knitting despite never going past things like afghans,scarves, hats & mittens. I'm all for yarnwork of any kind & bet you'll be great at crochet!

  3. See, I've tried to knit. I can cast on like a champ - it's getting the effing yarn of the needle and turning it into something that presents a problem. Just a minor issue, really. ;) I vow to keep trying!



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