Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is It Monday Yet?

I know that's an odd question, but this week was c.r.a.z.y ~ and the weekend wasn't all that much better. I mean, {clearly} this week must've been eventful, otherwise I certainly would've, I don't know, ummm...{blogged} or something?

So what went on this week? Well....In addition to the usual things like taking tiny people to and from schools and bus stops, grocery shopping & erranding, cleaning and doing minimal amounts of laundry while solo-parenting because the Hubband spent an inordinate amount of time sitting on a sheet of ice attemping to catch fish...

I {did} make a menu plan, and I actually stuck to it...which is an absolute {first}.

I {didn't} bake the molasses cookies. Partially out of laziness, and partially out of a desire to avoid eating every last one of them myself, considering no one else in my family likes them.

I {did} bake a batch of peanut butter cookies instead, with the help of the tiny people.

I {didn't} work out. Barely even really thought about it. I {suck}.

I {did} practice crochet on some ugly, boring, normal yarn...

and I {did} switch to some {fancy} yarn once I felt like I had a handle on it...

and I totally {did} crochet myself a pretty but sloppyish scarf, which I promise to post pics of soon.

Can I get a {woot!}

I {did} watch the State of the Union, and I {do} *heart* our President.

I {did} throw something new together for dinner tonight, loosely based on a recipe idea I got from a friend and adapted from a couple of recipes I found online. I might just share that soon, too.

And I {did} finish the book I've been reading, so I can move on to the next one.

Watch out {Godfather}, here I come.

So the next book has been chosen and so has the next {project}. Wanna know more?

I'll give you a hint. My friend {Molly}, who I love and adore, passed on a link to a sweet little blog, wanting to show me a {super cute} little Valentine's Day wreath. While I was there I poked around a bit and here's what {really} caught my eye ~

I'm not big on seasonal decor for non-major holidays ~ not because I don't think it's cool ~ but because I tend to {forget} that I have it until the holiday is over. I'm soooo organized! But there's a lovely little 2-word clue in the original inspiration for the subway art...and those of you who know me will know it immediately. Those 2 words are going to be my jumping off point, and I'm moving forward from there to make my own. I've got a canvas in my basement just {waiting} to be abused. ;)

Today included a family outing to the roller-skating rink. Did you know that people still go roller skating? Shocked the hell outta me! I couldn't {believe} how many people were there ~ and we went during the "family matinee". Oh, the kids...everywhere...the kids. My back is shot and we'll see if I'm able to function in the morning.

And with that, I'm off. The Hubband will be dedicating a good portion of his day tomorrow to ice-related activities ~ first fishing, then hockey ~ and I need to get a good night's sleep so I can deal with the tiny people on my own. I'm ready for {Monday} ~ so, so, so ready!

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