Sunday, November 10, 2013

In Anticipation of the Elf

We {love} our Elf around here. His name is Elliot, and he's amazing. The tiny people miss him SO much and have been asking about him for weeks, wanting to know when he's coming back! We had so much fun with him last year ~ you just never know what that sneaky elf is going to get himself into next...

Elliot takes a ride w/ 2 helium balloons. (and some duct tape...)

Elliot gets busted by Sheriff Woody.

Elliot hits the dance floor with some of the guys.

Elliot takes Barbie for a spin in her car.

Elliot gives the kids mustaches...

...and then gives the kids and their loveys red noses while they sleep! He even put a mirror there so they could see what he'd done to them when they woke up.

Elliot tries to decorate the doll house and gets a little tangled in the lights.

Elliot replaced our stockings with UNDERPANTS!?!?!?

Everyone should have a holiday house party!

Elliot found himself stuck in a Barbie box!

Elliot, live in concert from the dollhouse balcony.

Leaving a message for the tiny people with the help of m&ms and candy canes.

Barbie thought Elliot needed some she put lipstick on him!

A close-up of Elliot as Mr. North Pole

Mr. North Pole hanging out with the ladies.

Elliot couldn't resist a nap in a princess bed.

Elliot turns to a life of crime, robbing the kids' piggy banks!

A friendly game of headbandz...

Elliot loves to read!

And he's a great horseback rider, too.

Mmmmm...roasted marshmallows!

It's only fair that the elf should get to sample some of the cookies...

Elliot is a very skilled Scrabble player!

Holding Barbie's purse while she shops...  Typical.

Elliot and friends in a heated snowball fight!

Elliot made a Play-Doh Snowman!

The LPS pets couldn't wait for story time!

Elliot, gone Swedish fishing.

Everyone likes a relaxing bubble bath, right?

Elliot drew a portrait of the girls while they were at school.

This one is my favorite. Elliot plays the Grinch! Complete with a Barbie dog "Max".

Elliot TP'd the Christmas tree!?!?!

He's got really great taste in music.

Elliot, hanging out on the porch with the garden gnome.

Zip Line Elliot!

Chillin' in a felt hammock after a long day.

I apologize for the not-so-great pics. I had to go back through my FB page (and HIS! Yes, he has his own!) and steal some of the Instagram pics I posted of his antics.

Can't wait to see what trouble he gets into this year!


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