Monday, February 7, 2011

Scarf It!

If you're looking for a quick, easy, fun and fashionable project, I've got just the thing for you! It's called a ringlet t-shirt scarf, and I {promise} you, you can knock one of these babies out in no time. I can also predict that you'll probably be planning the second one before you're finished with the first.

For starters, let me show you the finished product.


Cute, right? Oh, you're so silly...I didn't mean {me}....but thanks. ;) I first saw this idea at Kevin & Amanda and had filed it away in the recesses of my brain. I'm so glad I did!

OK, to get started you're going to dig through that stack of old t-shirts that you've set aside to donate / cut up for dust cloths / paint in. These are the ones I chose to use (although I didn't end up using the white one).


Next, you're going to cut off the bottom hem & set it aside. You'll use it later. Then, cut the shirt into {strips} about as wide as your thumb (give or take). Like this...


It's not very clear from the photo, but you're going to lay the shirt out flat, and cut through both the front & back of the shirt, leaving it attached at the sides. The resulting strips will actually be enormous ovalish circley loop things. Once the strips are cut, you're going to stretch the living daylights out of them. Just grab the ends of the loop and pull. Then you're going to wrap the shirt in {rings} around your hand. See?


When you've cut up all of your shirt strips (my scarf uses 35), and wrapped them all around your hand to make pretty little circles, set them out in front of you to determine what kind of pattern you're going to use.


Next you're going to take the hems that you cut off of the shirts, cut those into strips about 4-5 inches long and use them to tie the loops together. If you want to only use one color for the ties, you can also cut the hems off of the sleeves of the t-shirts.

So, dig through those garbage bags that are waiting to go to Good Will, find a color combination you like and go to town! I'm already planning a Detroit Tigers-esque orange/white/blue scarf, as well as a nod to my high school...a little purple/gold/white action. What are {you} going to make???


Friday, February 4, 2011

Can You Handle It?

I'm not sure if you can.

Because it's just that {riveting}.

Yeah, I'm totally bluffing. I haven't done a darn thing since the last time I posted. We've battled illness, had people home from far too many days of school, gotten ridiculous amounts of snow, and let the house reach the point of, "Oh....crap....I don't even know where to start cleaning!"

Winters in Michigan mean cold temps that aren't kind enough to allow for spray painting, which means that I haven't yet finished the Valentine's Day project I started 2 weeks ago. My Silhouette machine has started letting out this low, pathetic-sounding {sob} to make me aware of how neglected she's feeling...but I don't have any pretty paper in the house and no projects on my list, so...she's gonna have to wait.

It's sad, really. Hopefully, if things go as planned (stop laughing), I'll have both tiny people back in school every day next week and I'll be able to take some time to do some of the things I {want} to do rather than the things I {have to} do to keep afloat. Until then....I'll be trolling TT&J's weekend wrap-up party, looking for inspiration.Photobucket


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