Saturday, January 9, 2010

Checkin' Things Off the List

I got an incredible amount of stuff done this week. Try to remain calm and not let the glamour that is my life make you feel at all....I don't know...inferior. ;) I reorganized the two biggest bottom cabinets in my kitchen - which has left me feeling way too good about myself. Now before I get all gloat-y-ish, the truth of the matter is that I *had to* do the first one, because my MIL gave me pretty new serving dishes for Christmas & I had no place to put them! So I did the first one (I actually did that last week, now that I think about it), and then realized that it would make a world of sense to have all of my cooking stuff in one place, and all of my baking stuff in another. So today, I cleaned out the second cabinet, got rid of some stuff, and put all of my cake pans, pie plates, the hand mixer, etc. in one place. Donna would be proud.

Other accomplishments include being *almost* entirely caught up on laundry. How the heck did that happen!?!?!? Oh, that's right....Mom came to visit. She tried her darndest to get everything done - and I think she thinks she did it - but what she doesn't yet know is that her efforts were undermined by the Hubband's use of a laundry hamper for his dirties, and his seeming inability to empty said hamper into the laundry chute...even though his office is in the basement and he was obviously well aware of the mission at hand. It's the hampers. They're EVIL.

Speaking of hampers - today I managed to put away all of the clean laundry - yes, ALL OF IT. That means that I also added to the 2 garbage bags that were already waiting to go to the Salvation Army. Go me! I then took the EMPTY hampers, and the one hamper that is full of lonely socks in need of of match-making, and removed them from my bedroom. Tomorrow the kids and I will make a game of finding matching pairs of socks. It's sure to be a ton of good old-fashioned family fun.

Oh! Wanna know what else? I cooked this week! On Tues I tried a new recipe and made some super yummy pork chops. I adapted a recipe I found on a little blog I like to read called I'm sure none of you have ever heard of it. ;) And THEN...on Wed... I cooked again! I KNOW! I made a seriously rockin' pot roast. The Hubband isn't a big pot roast fan (I think there's something really wrong with him) and the kids are hit or miss when it comes to meat consumption, but at least one of them had the good sense to eat everything on their plate and ask for more. ;) Success! And now, I give you....

Proof that God intended for us to eat meat... (Sorry, Becky!)

And with that, I'm off to bed. Gotta get some good shut-eye so I can tackle the socks tomorrow!


  1. I swing by Pioner Woman from time to time.... great little site. Here's a couple more you might enjoy. Suzann McMinn's recipes get rave reviews from readers & her Chickens In the Road blog is fun to read. Enjoy!

  2. I haven't been to Pioneer Woman in an age! Thanks for a reminder. The stew looks yummy!

    I enjoy and neither are exclusive to cooking, but both are very enjoyable. Homemakers Who Work is a bit hit an miss since they rotate days and topics, but it's more hit than miss for me.



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