Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I can't "do nothing"? What's {wrong} with me!?!?!

First ~ yes, I do realize the grammatical {HORROR} of my title. I tried to save it with the quotation marks. LOL

Second....a story... I walked into my laundry room this morning and found something fascinating. Not only was the washing machine empty ~ but there were 2 stacks of folded & sorted laundry on top of the dryer, and the dryer was running. Hmmmm... Could it be that I, running completely on auto-pilot, had gone down to the basement, switched the load to the dryer and folded the laundry without even remembering it? And then I saw it...a pair of my pants, folded in 3rds...{accordian} style. The HUBBAND! So not only does he kill spiders, open stubborn jars and reach things on high shelves, he also ~ every once in a while ~ does laundry-related tasks...without being asked. Guess I'd better keep him, right?

And now on to the point of the post.... My plan for today was to do nothing. I formulated said plan when I woke up this morning with a sore throat and general {poo-like} feeling. A great big {thank you} to the Hubband, who shared his cootie cold germs with me. (The motive behind the laundry assist is suddenly becoming clear!) Aaaanyway ~ I planned to sit on my can and hang out with the tiny person this afternoon, but the plan was dashed when the big brown truck pulled up in front of the house. Our UPS guy delivered the cable boxes for our "secondary" TVs ~ not sure what the deal is but it's another step in the whole digital transition thingy. So, we had to hook those puppies up, which meant clearing off the top of the dresser so that the Hubband could access the back of the TV in our bedroom, and move the dresser forward to get to the cables, etc. After I'd cleared off the top of the dresser, I thought I should actually clean it and reorganize the crap that had collected there rather than just haphazardly put it all back where it was...ish. So I did that. And then I dusted the {oh-so-grody} ceiling fan, and washed the dresser mirror and the closet doors. I'm not done completely yet ~ and there will be more laundry to put away as soon as I force myself to go back downstairs and switch the load again. So I suppose I should probably get back to it before I forget what I was doing and rediscover the project when I'm dead-tired and want to go to bed, but can't because I have to clear everything off of it first.

Oh, and I have to come up with a plan for dinner. Chicken? Pork Chops? Hmmm..... Decisions, decisions... One thing I know for sure...there {will} be cheesy potatoes. Oooooh, yeah.




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