Saturday, January 16, 2010

I KNOW! I missed you, too!

I'd love to come on and post about the {fabulousness} that has occurred in my life this week, but alas, I've got nothin'. Unless you count the excitement that I experienced when 2 lovely packages arrived on my porch the other day ~ one holding apron patterns (thank you, Jeanne!) and the other bringing me a very stylish charcoal sweater and some seriously rockin' 4-inch red patent-leather slingbacks. "Helloooo, Sailor!" ;) OH! And the new snowpants the Hubband got me for my birthday. And the trip to JoAnn to pick up coordinating fabric for my apron/s. Yeah, I guess it was a somewhat fabulous week. ;) The fabric I found is a happy apple-y green to coordinate with the "uninhibited citrus" fabric I already have (see camera strap). It's not as festive as I wanted ~ I was really looking for a large polka-dot ~ but it'll work. And if Aunt Wee has taught me anything it's that I should probably avoid polka-dots anyway.

And just so you know....I searched online for the camera strap fabric. I don't suggest googling *anything* that includes the word "uninhibited". Just sayin'.

In other exciting news, our furnace decided the other day that it was tired and wanted to take a break. The Hubband realized on Wednesday morning that it was unusually cold in our house. Now...I should explain that I am always cold. My mom comes up and complains of sweating because we have the thermostat set to a lovely and wonderful 71°. I know, you're thinking we're nuts. But we also have a tiny person in our home who likes to run around in nothing but her underpants ~ often accessorized with fairie wings or a crown or her favorite pair of Hello Kitty rain boots ~ so warmth is important. Anyway, it was 67° when he realized nothing was happening with the furnace. Luckily the repair guy got here quickly, we busted out the space heater and got the living room back up to 69° by the time he left, and the furnace required a simple and relatively inexpensive repair....which we'll take any day over having to shell out the big bucks for a new one. One bullet, dodged.

This weekend will hopefully include a return to some projects. Maybe a little sewing....and I will begin the search for my crochet hooks. I know I have them around here somewhere - just have to find them. Not that I know how to use them, but I can't learn if I don't have them, right? Right. So there you go!


  1. Mom would be SO proud you remember her wise words... which come from experience, I might add. :) Also answers my question as to when the next little Petrie will be arriving at your house..... not anytime soon without polka dots! ;D

  2. I thought you'd like that, Stell! :)

  3. Do you have an item number or happen to know what brand makes the fabric "uninhibited citrus"?



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