Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gotta Love a Twirly Skirt

Wondering what I've been up to lately? Well check {this} out! :)

I've gotta admit, I'm {proud} of myself for this one...because a) I'm not so much a sewer, b) I figured it out all on my own and c) I'm going to get one more spring/summer out of this puppy...if not more! WOOT!

This dress was a 3T, so definitely too small for either of my tiny people (5 1/2 and almost 4) ~ but I love it so much I just couldn't bring myself to give it away. So I decided to make it into a skirt. It was pretty easy (I say now...if you would've asked me immediately after my sewing machine needle broke & I couldn't get the doggone screw to turn to release it so I could put in a new one, you would've gotten a decidedly different answer). I cut around the bodice, giving myself as much fabric as I could while making sure the stay as straight as possible and paying attention to the existing arm holes. Then I folded that fabric over, making sure that I'd have enough room to run my elastic through the pocket I was creating, and sewed the new waistband. Then I fished the elastic through, sewed it together in the back and closed the pocket. {DONE.} Go me!

The tinier of the tiny people tried it on today and was thrilled with the twirliness. :) I was, too.

In other, the Hubband hit Cabela's and came home with fishing equipment he may or may not actually need. And there, my dear bloggy friends, is my opening to buy paint and goof around with the bedroom furniture at the next possible opportunity. {insert evil grin}


  1. That is so cute and clever Sarah! Thanks for linking up!


  2. darling idea! i'm not sure if i'm brave enough to try such a project since i'm not good with sewing.

    pax -



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