Sunday, March 21, 2010


Oh, c'mon ~ you knew I'd come back....{eventually}....right?

While I was busy neglecting you all, I began what is sure to be a long and lusty love affair with {Hobby Lobby}. Oh, lawd, help me. I had never been to HL before, although I had heard my mother speak of it's wonders, and had even sat in my van in the HL parking lot while she ran in for a quick item. Had I only known... I have been spoiled for quite some time with a seriously {rockin'} JoAnn ETC right up the street, but the store recently closed {SOB!} and I now have to hop on the expressway and drive a solid 30 min. to get to the nearest decent Jo's. HL is much closer ~ and while the fabric dept. is a bit lacking in comparison to what I had grown so accustomed to w/ my Jo's, it'll do!

I found {exactly} what I was looking for at HL. In the way of {burlap}. Yep, I'm on that bandwagon. ;) Seriously, though ~ I have been searching in vain for OVER A YEAR for the perfect fabric for window treatments for my kitchen. Granted, finding the perfect fabric to go with {orange} walls is undoubtedly never going to be easy ~ but this was getting a little ridiculous. Finally, Jen's many posts at TT&J about the wonders of burlap seeped into my brain & I decided to throw caution to the wind, bust out the glue gun and go for it. So, I went to HL, bought my burlap, found a great orange fabric to use as trim, and off I went...

I'm {thrilled} with the curtain over my kitchen sink and I think I'll be equally thrilled with the one over the other window...once the Hubband hangs it for me ;) ~ the shade on my back door needs a liiiiittle {tweaking} though, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about it. I wanted the blind to be long enough to cover the whole window, with the option of raising it so we can see out. I attached a loop to each of the upper back corners, and a ribbon about 1/3 of the way up the back on each side, with the intention of tying the ribbons through the loops to hold the shade in it's "up" position. And that worked, BUT, the center sagged SO badly that I couldn't stand it. I ended up tying the ribbons to the side of the actual curtain rod, which is much better, but the middle still sags. Being that I know a few things about sagging (if you have kids you know what I mean...) I feel bad for the poor thing and want to fix it. The hubband suggested a strip of velcro...which I suppose I could do although it feels just a bit like cheating.

In other news, the Hubband had a really big, really {stressful} career-related test this week. It was his second go-'round with this particular test (the first time didn't go so well!) and I am beyond happy and relieved to report that he {passed}! WHEW! He's in a pretty good mood because of it. A good enough mood to agree with me that our bedroom furniture is {FUGLY} and to let me attempt a re-do. WOO-HOO! I promise more on that to come...hopefully sometime relatively soon!


  1. Congrats to Bob for passing his test!!! I can't believe you just came up with that wreath...and I kinda like the saggy-ness of the blind! I guess you could stick a piece of balsa wood in the bottom trim to make it even if it really matters to you? Love your blog Sarah! And your creativity!

  2. Thanks, Jeanne! I might have to try a strip of wood & see what happens ~ thanks for the tip! Another friend suggested making a center tie and loop out of burlap (duh!) so it would blend, so I'm considering my options. So much to think about! :)



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