Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wait...What is today!?!?!

I'm still trying to get used to "borrowing" the Hubband's laptop. He is very...ummm... {particular} about it's use. For example, it's okay if I turn the volume all the way down, but it is unacceptable for me to actually {mute} the volume, even though it requires no more time or energy to turn the volume on again that it would to turn it up. Interesting. I'm also finding that I lose access to the laptop around or before 11:00PM. Kinda sucks.

I do have a quick project to share, though! Don't try to hide it, you're {excited} ~ I know!

Those of you who are moms know that tiny people aren't so great with the whole grasping the passage of time thing. When the not quite as tiny person started preschool she would get so excited about school, but couldn't quite figure out the Tues/Thurs schedule. After hearing "I get to go to school today!" on random Saturdays, and trying to no avail to make her understand, I decided that she just might need a calendar of her own. So I made one.

It was {ridiculously} easy. I started with a full sized piece of posterboard (I have since made a smaller version for the tinier of the tiny people), but you could use whatever size works best for the space you have. I measured and drew out the grid for the 7 days of the week, then committed by writing the days of the week directly on the posterboard ~ no turning back now! I figured out how many activities I wanted to be able to place on any given day, then busted out the very sticky round velcro pieces and got to stickin'. {Captain Obvious} is going to point out that it's important that you use the same side (all fuzzy or all rough) on the whole calendar, and opposite side on all of the activity tabs. Like I said, seems obvious but I know I'd be the one to louse it up, so I'm sharing. ;)

You might notice that there's also a velcro piece above each day of the week. I had a tab that said "Today Is" that I moved each morning to the new day, but disappeared! I can't begin to {imagine} how that could've happened.

Next go ahead and make the activity tabs. It's helpful to make a list of the tabs you want to make first. We have tabs for school, library, music (as in listening to it and dancing around the living room), watching a DVD, playing games/puzzles, bike ride, playing outside, going for a stroll, running errands, grocery shopping, doctor's appt, dentist appt, going on a trip, "special day", etc. Any kind of sports activities, piano lessons, whatever your kids are involved in, are a good thing to include - and when your kids start school, it's helpful to {everyone} if you put their "specials" (art, music, gym, etc) on the calendar so you're both aware and can be prepared ~ and you don't send your precious darling in a brand new outfit on art day ~ or a skirt on gym day. ;) I drew a picture of each activity, then wrote the word/s underneath it, so that even those who can't quite read yet can use and understand the calendar. If you wanted to, you could take pictures of each thing and use those instead of drawing. You could also laminate the tabs to help them last longer. I drew the activities, wrote the words, then cut them out to a managable size before sticking the velcro on the back.

I found this whole project to be super quick and easy, and it really does help the tiny people understand what's happening when. It does use up a lot of velcro, but it's totally worth it!

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  1. Girl, you are the most creative person I know! I'm gonna pick you for my mommy next time around! ;)



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