Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quickies... {tee~hee...}

First, a great big WOO-HOO and a {THANK YOU} to Jen at Tatertots and Jello! What a great surprise it was to see my subway art project featured on her blog! It made me feel totally {special} and cool. And yes, the Hubband did like it.

Second, a great big {apology} for falling off the face of the earth. It's the whole "no computer of my own" thing and I'm still trying to deal. Today, I attempted to load Photoshop CS2 onto the {prehistoric} desktop we keep chained up in the basement, and it didn't work. I'm trying to figure that out. That and the mystery of a totally distorted screen. Big fun. Hopefully the Hubband will have a chance to look it over this weekend so I can get back into the world of {blogginess} again. I've missed it soooo much.

Third, what an {awesome} surprise to get shout-outs in my comments from fellow BGSU FALCONS! I haven't been back to BG in years ~ the Hubband, otoh, gets back every summer for the hockey alumni excuse to get together & drink too much while re-living the glory days golf outing. There are a lot of great memories there for me and the Hubband. And since I know there are fellow Falcons out there, I'll try to get back sometime next week to post links letting you all know what you can do to try to help save the BGSU hockey program! ROLL ALONG!

I {have} been working on a few projects. I crocheted 2 more scarves ~ one for the tinier of the tiny people and a pretty one for myself ~ and I'm going to working this weekend on a bookend project & a wreath. I am so so so hoping to be able to share photos of finished projects soooooon. Cross your fingers for me, peoples.

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