Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do....

This week is Spirit Week at Tiny Person 1's elementary school ~ and we're having waaaay too much fun with it this year.

The school is celebrating it's 50th anniversary, so they chose to use Decades as the theme. Monday was 60s Day, and I had a few ideas rolling around in my noggin. I called my mom, who was in HS in the 60s and she offered some helpful suggestions and insight, and then I set about my search. I was planning on having her wear an untucked men's style white button down over dark jeans, cuffed with one wide roll...but do you think I could find the right kind of shirt? Of course not. What I {did} find, though, was sooooo much better. At Target, I stumbled upon a sweater which looks, to me anyway, exactly like the old letterman sweaters from back in the day. And it was on sale. {SCORE!} I hatched a plan.

First, I found a font that was meant to look like an old-school varsity letter. It's a {huge} help to find one that shows an outer and inner version of the letter...you'll see why later. I printed it in a size that I thought looked about right, checked it against the sweater to make sure it would fit, and cut it out. I then traced the shape onto the grey felt, which I was using as an accent color. Then I cut the shape out of the grey felt. Here's a picture of the felt, with the outer shape cut.


I then cut out the inner letter from the printed "H"...


I traced the letter onto the burgundy felt and cut it out.


Then I placed the inner letter inside the outer letter, just as it appears in the font that I used, and secured the 2 layers together with no-sew fabric glue.


I attached the letter to the sweater using the same glue, for a temporary hold. My sweet neighbor, Sue, who kicks butt with her sewing machine (without even swearing at it much!) offered to stitch the letter on for me when I showed it to her, so it will soon be permanent. :)


So there you have it! The sweater was around $8 on sale. The felt is usually 25cents a sheet, but was 50% off, so I only paid a quarter to personalize the sweater. And the tiny person {loves} it. I'm sure she'll ask to wear it again...which is fine by me ~ it's stinkin' cute!

Today is 70s Day, which we kind of phoned in with a shirt she already had and a pair of corduroy pants. But 80s Day.....ooooooh, just you wait for 80s Day! ;)



  1. How big is the hair going to be? Jelly bracelets? Leg warmers?

    Good job on the sweater! It looks great!



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