Monday, November 29, 2010

If you're the praying kind...

As a mom who knows where her children are....who knows that they are safe and warm and okay....I have to do what I can to get the faces of these three boys out to as many people as I can ~ because their mother isn't as fortunate tonight.


This hits close to home for me as these boys are missing from Morenci, MI ~ a town about 4 miles away from my own hometown. My mother taught at Morenci until her retirement. Searches are being conducted in and around both towns, including the areas surrounding the state park where I worked when I was in college.

They have been missing since Friday, when their father gave them to a "friend" he had an internet relationship with. She was to take them from the home so that their father could take his own life, and return them to their mother's home at a designated time. The father's attempt failed, and the woman never returned the boys. Police have not yet proven (or disproven) that the woman really exists and are uncertain if the father's story is true.

Click here for more information. This story is also being picked up by CNN and other national news outlets. matter where you are, look at the faces of these boys. Memorize them. Know their names. Keep your eyes open for them. If their father is being honest, they may be with a woman driving a silver van, and they really could be just about anywhere by now.

And, most importantly, I ask that you pray for them and for their family ~ for safety and comfort and courage and strength ~ and for their safe return home.


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  1. wow...what a sad story. This family and these little boys are in my thoughts and prayers.



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