Monday, April 26, 2010

Now *This* Is Exciting Stuff!

Take a little lookie-loo at what I found at {Michael's} the other day...

This stuff comes in a ton of different colors ~ which made it reallllly difficult for me to just pick up white and walk away, but I did! ;) This is a great {alternative} to using bleach. With the bleach t-shirts, you have no control over the color that you end up with on the area where the bleach is sprayed. Go back a few posts and take a look at the navy t-shirts that were'll see that the bleached areas are a purple-ish color. Green turns kind of a yellow-ish, red would turn pink. I wanted to make myself a Red Wings shirt and I didn't want pink ~ I wanted red and white ~ and the white spray paint worked {perfectly}. I used the exact same method with the freezer paper, etc. and it turned out great. SO, next time you're at the craft store grab yourself a bottle and try it out!

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