Saturday, May 1, 2010

Told 'Ya...

This week I managed to go grocery shopping, take the tiny people to the library, get both tiny people to and from their respective schools on time and not leave either of them anywhere where they weren't supposed to be left. I also changed the sheets on all of the beds, kept the kitchen reasonably reasonable, vacuumed the living room 2-3 times, got the tiny people to clean their rooms, helped the Hubband keep up with his workload, watched ridiculous amounts of baseball and hockey....and completely {forgot} about anything laundry-related.

Don't believe me? Well, here we have Exhibit A: Our Laundry Chute.

When the Hubband, while waiting for the water to warm up so he could take a shower this morning, opened the linen closet to find it completely devoid of fresh towels....then grumbled his way to the basement and emerged moments later with a clean and folded {beach towel}....yeah, then I kinda knew it was worse than I thought.

See for all the {shockingly} idiotic and interesting home-improvement methods used by the previous owners of our home (my favorite example? drywall as a substitute for sub-flooring in the kitchen. can I get a WTH!?!?!) they did do one thing that I find to be {brilliant}. When they were having the basement finished, they had a closet built around the area where the laundry chute empties. (insert sound of singing angels here...) Smart, right? No one has to see our dirty clothes when they go downstairs ~ it's all hidden away behind a closet door....which is great, except for one small side-effect known as "out of sight, out of mind". Oops.

And now you all have photographic proof that I chose the title for this blog very wisely.


  1. to funny LOVE IT!!! when I was a child 8-9 me n my big brothers, would play in the laundry chute... we would fall down through it onto the pile of clothes. However, we hated the scary basement. ;)

  2. That is just hilarious Sarah! I wish we had a laundry chute, then I would maybe have an excuse for not seeing it ;)

  3. Dave's parents had a laundry chute that emptied into an old-fashinoned metal washtub (no water added) in their basement. Greg & Jeff spent hours sending Hot Wheels cars down the chute... Lord only knows what else they tried! :) I've always wanted a chute but never worked in any house we've had. Handy dandy things & never understood whey they went out of style.

  4. I SOOO love you! Thank you for making me feel better!!! I keep our house clean and keep up with everything but the laundry! I have started making myself do a load every time I am home for more then an hour, in hopes that I will keep up better!!

  5. Tell the truth...did you remove/bury undies before snapping the picture? :0)



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