Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Square One

I was gone over the weekend. I took the tiny people to my mom's house for the weekend, where we attended the homecoming ceremony and basketball game at my {high school}. It was a fun weekend. We left in haste on Friday afternoon, after I spent the majority of the day trying to catch up with laundry & get the house reasonably picked up so as to avoid crabby remarks from the Hubband when I called to tell him we'd made it safely to {Ohio}. I came home to find that nothing had been touched. The note I left on the counter...still sat there. The hubband admitted to not cooking the flank steak I had asked him to grill (I didn't want it to go to waste), and told me he had not managed to turn the dial and push the button on the dryer as I had requested. Seriously? How hard is it, Dude? There were only 2 notable changes to the state of the house....1) the appearance of a cup from Jimmy John's and a food bag from the McDonald's drive through on the dining room table (meaning, he took the time to clean out the CAR, but couldn't do anything with the HOUSE) and 2) the laundry hampers that I had left in the living room were mysteriously gone.

{GONE!?!?!} Whattaya mean, gone?

You know where this is going, don't you?

He lovingly moved the {hampers} the bedroom.


Tomorrow has already been declared a {SNOW DAY!} so there's no excuse ~ I have to tackle some projects while I'm stuck at home trying to entertain the tiny people. I'm sure I'll have tons of absolutely {riveting} anecdotes to share.

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  1. Ha! Hang in there. I do not allow my husband to touch the laundry. It is my 'thing' and unless I am near death, he knows not to touch anything! He is welcome to do dishes though :)



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