Thursday, February 4, 2010

A 2-fer!

For those who were looking for videos that teach crochet... Meet Beth Essington. She might not look like it, but this woman is a {rock star} ~ at least she is in my mind. She moves at a pace that is not too fast, not too slow, and she clearly explains exactly what she's doing. I've looked at a few tutorials that just left me confused and irritated, so finding Beth was {awesome} for me.

Chain stitch tutorial...

Single crochet tutorial

YouTube list of all of her videos...just in case you feel like getting {fancy}. ;)

I haven't even started on my subway art project. A friend of mine made one in Photoshop and ordered it printed on a canvas ~ which I thought about doing...but I'm {cheap} and I've already bought all the supplies, soooo...I'm stuck. If you're {not} cheap, go ahead and google "Canvas Prints" and a whole slew of sites will pop up where you can order your very own canvas and avoid the hassle of paper and modpodge.

Well, I think 2 blog posts here in one day is {quite} enough, don't you? So I'm pick up the latest crochet project where I left off. See you people later!

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