Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And I shall name her....

Hmmmm.... I had chosen a name for my sewing machine ~ but it wasn't a very {nice} name. Meaning it wasn't a name I could utter out loud in front of the tiny people. Meaning it started with {f} and ended with {er}. Probably not entirely appropriate. And I'm starting to think that she heard me refer to her by name and thought, "Oh, yeah, lady? You wanna call me that, I'll live up to the name."

See, last night, while I was watching the finale of The Worst Cooks In America (I was rooting for Jen. :( sad) I brought her out and plugged her in and got ready to sew a pillow for the inside of "Tuga" the turtle. ("Tuga" is short for "Tortuga" ~ which is the Spanish word for turtle. Thank you, Diego.) I cut out the fabric, carefully placed the pins, sat down at the table and started to sew....for about {three} seconds....and then the thread went all wonky and the machine jammed. {EFFER!} I tried again...same thing. I rethreaded {both} threads and tried again...same thing. At that point I chose to turn off the machine and walk away...because it wouldn't be very nice to throw {effer} out the window ~ it would be loud and wake the tiny people...and it would make a big mess....and be expensive to it was really cold outside and a hole in a window would result in a considerable draft. The results were the same when I tried again this evening. Grrrrr...

I did manage to make a bit of a {shopping} trip today, and I grabbed the items I need to make the much-anticipated subway art. Can't wait! I still haven't decided on a method. The tutorial I found came from and while I think hers turned out beautifully, I'm hoping I won't be disappointed by the finished product when I see it in person. I guess we'll find out!

In addition to the subway art supplies, I also picked up more yarn. The tiny people have requested scarves, so I'm working on that. It's nice to have {something} to work on while I'm busy ignoring my sewing machine. {effer}


  1. Troubleshooting...
    Make sure your needles are sharp and you are using the correct needle for the kind of fabric (I'd assume you're using on wovens and all purpose needles are fine for that.) Also make sure you have good thread, the tension is good, and do what I do and keep a scrap to always test run on before you sew on the good stuff...

  2. Is your bobbin in the right way? That happens to me when I have the thread going clockwise and it should be counterclockwise...or vice versa...(I need to get out my machine and look or read the manual!)

    Amazingly my machine has a very similar name.

  3. I got out the manual and checked and it was right. What I *think* is happening, from what I can tell, is that the upper thread is coming down through the base, and somehow it's getting wrapped completely around the bobbin mechanism. Like...COMPLETELY AROUND. You wanna talk about a PITA. Getting all the thread out is not fun. I guess I should be thankful that it jams up after only 2-3 stitches.

  4. Snap that bobbin it there TIGHT. Really push it in there. Mine used to do it all the time, but after I figured out cleaning, lubing and snapping that thing in, seems to help a lot. Good luck! How you coming with those learning how to knit/crochet sites?

  5. I knew I could count on you for nudges, Em! :) I'll find the links RIGHT NOW!



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