Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Excuses, Excuses...

Actually, I have none. Aside from spending more time than would probably be considered healthy watching the {Olympics} I really haven't been up to much. I've gotten a couple of crocheting projects finished ~ scarves for the tiny people ~ but beyond that I haven't gotten much accomplished. The canvas for the {subway art} project has been painted, and the words have been printed ~ I'm in the process of cutting out each of the letters. It's taking a long time ~ partially because I can't exactly do much with it while the tiny people are awake and partially because I'm already {dreading} keeping them straight and level when I put them on the canvas. I'm seriously considering placing them all slightly askew on purpose so that the imperfections are purposeful and, therefore, draw less attention. If you have any thoughts on that I'd love to hear them...seriously.

The tiny people have been on mid-winter break...which I think is just a {lame} excuse for 2 days off in the middle of February. I mean, really...they just had a day off for a teacher work day at the end of the grading period, and it feels like Christmas was two weeks ago. I really shouldn't be complaining ~ we've gotten very little snow in comparison to most of the country, and we've only had {one} cancellation, but still. Days off just throw a wrench in the schedule and, as a mom, I'm not appreciative of that.

So, this week I'll be {trying} to finish the subway art project, notice the key word here is {trying}, people, and perusing magazines, catalogs and some of lovely blogs I've been stumbling across lately to find inspiration for more crafts and projects. I {promise} to be better the last half of this week!

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