Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Over-Think It!

OK....I {know} I cannot be the only person who has dealt with this....


What a mess. It looks horrible, I can't see some of the stuff that's up there, and honestly....how can I feel like an a grown-up when I've got boxes of cereal and snacks "stored" in the same spot that held the bulk box of Top Ramen in my old college apartment? {Seriously.}

The hubband & I stood in the kitchen and stared at the boxes, thinking of other options. We don't have a pantry. Storing frequently-used items in the basement doesn't make sense. We have space for some bookcase-type shelves in the kitchen (we have a bar-seating area at our peninsula that we never use) but that would put them within too-easy reach of the tiny people...and the dogs. Our in-kitchen food storage space is limited to one cupboard ~ the tall boxes are too tall, and the cupboard is alredy full. Hmmmm... And then it hit me. I.am.a.MORON.

You know those shelves in the cupboards? They {move}, people. DUH!

This is how my cupboards were set up before ~ and actually, how they were set up when we moved in. Moving them never occurred to us.


I moved the middle shelf down one notch, and moved the top shelf down 2 notches, and {voila!} ~ plenty of room for our snacks and cereal on the top shelf.


Now there is enough room for our cereal boxes, and our snacks, on the top shelf. I'm moving away from buying canned fruits & veggies (darn BPA) and opting for jarred fruit and frozen veggies, so that center shelf will fewer cans as time goes by.

All this to point out that 1) I'm not that bright ;) and 2) the solution to a problem might {not} be as difficult as you're making it. You may be able to solve the problem without spending any money or bringing anything extra into your home! Yay, me!


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