Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For all of you moms out there, especially moms of young kids ~ if you haven't already found the children's books written by Jamie Lee Curtis, you're {so} missing out. Make a mental note ~ or a real one if you need to ~ to take a gander at her books the next time you're at the library. She has several, and they all have wonderful messages. They are so good that, no kidding, I've been known to get a {wee bit} choked up while I'm reading them. My favorites are "I'm Gonna Like Me", "Is There Really A Human Race" and "Big Words for Little People". In fact, I like "Big Words" so much that I keep reading it to the tiny people even though they're fully capable of reading it themselves.

The books are filled with positive messages, and are great tools for teaching our kids about the world, and making them aware of their place in it. I like one of her "definitions" so much, I made a printable!


Here's a little linky-loo to the printable if you'd like to have one of your very own... :)


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