Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Sleep Deprivation Will Get You...

I'm tired. The hubband is gone hunting for the weekend, and he has my guard dog with him. Not that Molly (dubbed "the brown mound of lay-around" by my brother) isn't a force to be reckoned with...when she's taken her arthritis medication. ;) I just feel safer with 92 lbs of yellow dog at the foot of my bed. Even if I do think he'd probably lick an ax murderer.

Anyway...It's late and I'm putting off sleep and I started playing around in photoshop. Oh, c'mon ~ you know you've been there. I was thinking about making a Christmas printable to share, and trying to choose my favorite Christmas song from which to steal some lyrics...and then I thought, "Well, I always did like Bing Crosby." No ~ I'm not going the "Little Drummer Boy" duet with David Bowie route....I'm going old school...

How many of you are having flashbacks to the pool scene from "Christmas Vacation" right now? Right!?!?!? :)

***Edited*** This printable is available for download! :) It's formatted to a 5x7. {Click Here} if you're interested! I should also mention that I've linked up to the Weekend Wrap-Up Party @ Tatertots & Jello!

I think I might be tired enough to sleep now. G'nite folks!



  1. If you save it as a PDF, then load it to a site called Scribd. You can publish it as a downloadable PDF for your readers. They would have to follow a link to it though. I have done a few things that way

    Funny about the hunting thing. I do the same exact thing. I'm generally in bed by 10 on the dot but when hubs is gone I'm not so happy to climb into bed alone. Mine is gone this weekend too. =^)

    Jo @

  2. Thanks, Jo! :) I couldn't figure out a way to transfer to PDF (well, not without downloading stuff from a site I'd never heard of), so I went the 4share route. I hope your solo weekend goes by quickly! Mine's not passing fast enough.



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