Friday, December 9, 2011

Inexpensive Organization

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here! I've been working hard on {forcing} myself to be more organized. There are a couple of things that I'm trying that are working out really well for us, so I wanted to share those things with you lovely people. :)

First, this....


You may remember when I bought these magazine organizer thingies and covered them in paper. Well, I swiped 2 of them from my craft room and moved them into the kitchen. The first holds all of those huge, unwieldy barbecue tools ~ spatulas, forks, tongs, etc. ~ in a semi-upright, yet contained position. It's sooooo nice that they all stay where they're supposed to be now! The second box holds our tinfoil, freezer paper, plastic wrap, and all that good stuff. So far, we're {loving} this arrangement!

The next thing is also kitchen-related...


After shuffling tiny person #1's lunch box from spot to spot on my counters, I decided I had to find someplace where it could {belong}. So I picked up a pair of itty bitty command hooks and put them on the inside of the cabinet door. Now it has a home, and it's right next to the container that holds all of the plastic bowls that I use when I pack her lunch! Perfect. I put the second hook up, too, so it will be ready when tiny person #2 has a lunch box, too.

Next up, a quick and easy tip for the bedroom! Not {that} kind of tip! What kind of blog do you think this is? ;)

I love having a down comforter. It's....well....{comfy}! What I don't love is having to struggle with the darn thing to keep the comforter's corners in the corners of the duvet cover. So, a while ago, I sewed some ribbon (in a bright, easy to find color) into the upper, inside corners of the duvet cover, and onto the corners of the comforter.




I've tried tying them a few different ways, but what seems to work best is to put both ends of the "V" shaped side through the loop on the comforter, then knot tie a not. Or 2. ;)Photobucket

No more fighting with my comforter, or waking up in the middle of the night with hot feet and a cold upper body.

So, there you have it! Nothing earth-shattering....but these few little things sure do make my life easier.



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  1. Ok, I don't know why I missed this one about the duvet and the duvet cover. So glad I found it now because that's my biggest pet peeve about ours! Every morning I end up standing on the end of the bed and lifting the end up to shake everything back down towards the top of the bed.



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