Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Gift of Date Night

First, some housekeeping.

1) I do know that one ties a "knot" rather than a "not", so I'm a bit embarrassed by the typo in my last post ~ but for some unknown reason blogger will not allow me to edit my posts. Ask me how happy I am about that!

2) I linked up the Christmas Printable and the organization posts to the weekend wrap-up party at TT&J, which you can find here....


Now onto the {fun} stuff!

I struggle every year with what to give the Hubband for Christmas. He's one of those people who has a lot of hobbies and interests...and pretty much everything he could ever want or need to enjoy said hobbies and interests. Making things even {more} difficult this year is the fact that, within the last 6 months, we've had to purchase replacements for our dead dryer, our dead microwave, and our dead flat-screen TV. So, yeah ~ you could say there's a bit of a budget. Which is why I decided to do this:


That's right ~ a full {year} of pre-planned dates! I tried to come up with things that I know the hubband will enjoy, and peppered in a few that could be daytime dates for while the tiny people are at school, thus eliminating the need for a sitter.

The gift itself will be delivered in the form of 12 4x6 photo prints. Total cost = under $2. I'm debating about running out and picking up a couple of movie passes, as motivation for the January date. We'll see if I get that far!


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