Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You {Pinterest}ed?

When I first heard about {Pinterest} I purposely avoided checking it out...because I simply {knew} it would be the time-suck to beat them all. And I was right!

If you've never heard of Pinterest, let me explain what it is... This highly-addictive website allows you to "pin" items you've seen online and save them to different categories on your own Pin Boards. It's a simple, quick, and fun way to keep track of all of the great things you see online! Craft ideas, books you'd like to read, decorating inspiration, even enviable fashion finds. You can also follow your friends' boards & re-pin items you see on their boards to your own! I'm telling you ~ It's {love}!

Going hand-in-hand with Pinterest ~ at least for me ~ is the equally fun and addictive site {Polyvore}. At Polyvore, you can scroll through pages upon pages of fashion items and put together your own outfits and collections! The whole she-bang ~ everything from shoes and purses to jeans to jewelry can be found on Polyvore ~ complete with the designer, store and price information. You can narrow your searches by price, color, brand, etc., too ~ making it easy to find exactly what you want at a price you can afford...or letting you dream of being able to afford a $5k handbag. ;) Anyway, the point is that you can hit Polyvore, put together a kickin' new outfit & publish it...and then Pin It to your Pinterest board! Aaaaannnndddd....you can also share your Polyvore creations on your blog! See....

Ready for Fall

Ready for Fall by spetrie5 featuring gold bangles

James Perse t shirt
$95 - stylebop.com

Hive Honey crochet vest
$30 - piperlime.gap.com

Levi's bootcut jeans
$40 - kohls.com

Nica tan handbag
£28 - debenhams.com

Kenneth Jay Lane gold bangle
€61 - pret-a-beaute.com

Oversized sunglasses
$32 - topshop.com

Lie, and tell me that's not one of the {coolest} things you've ever seen! RIGHT!?!?!?! I know...you're welcome. ;) Polyvore doesn't stop at fashion, either. Do a little searching and you'll find all sorts of decorating items, too. Furniture, rugs, headboards, you name it! Soooo much FUN!

Now, if you've heard of {Pinterest} before you might be thinking about the whole "waiting list" or "invitation" thing. I'll tell you ~ I didn't ask anyone for an invite, I just signed up, and I was accepted within 24 hours. So the "wait" isn't that bad. But, if you're not into waiting, and you'd like an invitation, I'll send one out to the first 3 people to ask nicely & leave an e-mail address in the comments. ;)



  1. I've totally been avoiding Pinterest like the plague. Do you find you are stuck looking through it? Your outfit looks awesome though. Both sites are opened in tabs now. Enabler! ;)

  2. I'm pretty good about limiting my time on both sites...most of the time. I let myself put together 1 or 2 sets on Polyvore and then I'm done. Pinterest is a little harder to walk away from - but I try. I prefer finding things on my own and pinning them rather than repinning other people's pins, so I don't do as much digging through other people's boards.



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