Sunday, September 26, 2010

On A Roll!

Three posts in three days!?!?!? It's MADNESS! ;)

When I first starting setting up my {craft room} I knew I'd need a place to put stuff up on the walls....a corkboard, magnet board...something. I bought 4 of those lovely little corkboard squares that come with the little adhesives that are supposed to hold them up on the wall. I say "supposed to" because I found out really quickly that those little adhesive thingies don't work for poo. So I consulted my stash of magazines and came across a dog-eared page in an old issue of DIY Ideas....


Those nifty metal {thingies} are actually gutter covers. Yep - the things that are meant to keep leaves and stuff out of your rain gutters. I paid around $10 for 5 of them. 2 cup hooks for each panel and a few quick taps with a hammer and {bam} ~ these babies were on the wall in about 5 minutes once I decided where I wanted them. Now, mine have the hinges on them, and I need to clip them off, but aside from that I'm pretty happy with the end result.

I picked up some clip-style magnets at Target ($6 for 6 magnets, so a little pricier than I wanted, but they're strong magnets so I'm happy) and then I went to town with a little {mod podge} and some scrapbook paper to personalize them and tie them in with the room.


Only having 6 magnets means that I can't over-clutter the area, which I think will help me weed out the old as I put up the new. Let's see how that works out. ;)


  1. What a fun idea!! I posted about it on my Tatertots & Jello FB page and linked to you :)


  2. Really neat. Love the magnets. I thought at first that it was that silver organizer stuff you bought quite a while ago. Those accessories would also look good with this!

  3. That is freaking awesome Sarah! And woah, 3 posts in three days, I about fell out of my chair ;)

    I was curious, can you maybe add a pic of how they are hung onto the wall? The "2 cup hooks for each panel" has me entirely confused. Maybe it's a migraine typo? Hope it passed quickly!

  4. I'll try to answer the hanging question. It isn't a typo. You screw the cup hooks into the wall for each sheet of screen (make sure they are even/level and match- or are a bit narrower than the width of the screen) and then hang the top of the screen from the cup hooks...they aren't attached anywhere else. The things along the one side of each screen in the picture are the hinges she'd like to remove and they have no bearing on the hanging.

  5. Thanks, Rachel!

    "Sissy" was right, Andree. Cup hooks come in varying sizes and can be found at pretty much any hardware store - & they're super cheap. Mine came in little baggies w/ 4 to a bag, so I ended up with 2 extra.



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