Friday, June 18, 2010

An Introduction

There's someone I'd like you all to meet.

For those of you who don't already know, this is Sarah Richardson ~ she is an interior designer based in Toronto, and the host of my new obsession {Sarah's House} on HGTV. On her show, we get to follow her through the entire process of finding a house, buying it, and completely renovating it from top to bottom. It's so much {fun} to watch. I watched her show a few times a season or so ago, but it was on at a funky time and I never could figure out when to find it consistently. This time around, I set my lovely DVR to record the whole series so I wouldn't miss a thing ~ and I'm sooo glad I did. Take a little peek for yourself...

(photos taken from HGTV's website)

Sarah is the type of girl who, in addition to having a completely {awesome} name ;), comes across as being very real, normal and down-to-earth. I like to pretend that she just moved in next door to me and has become my new BFF. ;) I should be so lucky. And her design partner, Tommy, is a RIOT. They use and mix fabrics in ways that are unique, fresh and completely {inspiring}.

After a marathon online viewing session of the 2nd season of Sarah's House, and the sleep deprivation that came with it, I'm seeing fabric pairings that I {ne-ver} would've seen or considered before, and I'm pushing myself to go a little further than I would've before. Can't wait to see where it leads!


  1. I have watched her show too in the past. I love her taste and style. She is great!~ Have a good night, Jenn

  2. I ADORE that show! And funny...I'm going to a home party and I'm trying to figure out the very best fabric combos a la Sarah Richardson!

  3. Her remodel of her Cottage was a great show as well. This is her second remodel of a house isn't? I just love Tommy, he keeps her grounded and makes it fun!
    Cdn Mama

  4. My mom and I LOVE Sarah's House! I think she's the best designer out there. She always makes everything look so styled and put together without looking like she's tried too hard.



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