Thursday, June 3, 2010

Even A {Blind} Squirrel...

Some people are born with a true {gift} for finding amazing deals. They score ridiculous deals on everything from toilet paper to tires, and manage to walk away from a garage sale or flea market with the exact item they set out to find...for half of what they were willing to spend.

I am not one of those people.

Which is why I'm so {thrilled} about my finds from last weekend. And by thrilled I mean that, truly, if you were anywhere in the great midwest there's a good chance that you actually {heard} me squeal in delight when I found this...

Even better?

Yep, you read that right...{$10}!!! An antique spindle bed for TEN BUCKS! I nearly wet my pants. The plan is to make a bench for my front porch (and maybe a 2nd bench for my mom's house). Mom is concerned that I maintain the integrity of the peices so that it can be used as a bed again down the road. She also doesn't think I should {paint} it, but's my ten bucks...and a painted former headboard being converted into a bench is far better than a broken up headboard going into a landfill or ~ heaven forbid ~ a fire pit.

And my good fortune didn't stop there. I also got my hands on this...

And the price on this one is a real stunner. It was {free} to a good home. :) WOO-HOO! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet ~ maybe a new stand for our television? Or I could put it in the guest room (in our basement) to hold the extra bed linens. Hmmm...

Can't wait to get going on these projects!


  1. I cannot wait to see the bench, I love benches made from beds! Also love the new look of the blog. I usually read you on my Google Reader, so forgive me if it has been this way for a while!

  2. My childhood bed was a spool bed. I love them! I hope to have Amanda use it someday but right now it won't fit in her room. I also have a spool bedside table.

  3. I believe that's a jenny lind bed. I have one just like it I slept on as a child.



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