Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Could've Cried...

And I would have if I had thought for even one second that crying would've been helpful. But when the pipe that runs underneath your bathtub decides that it's {d.o.n.e.} and can no longer resist the urge to grow a little hole....during bath time....and the water seeps through the drywall and the ceiling tiles in the finished part of the basement near the guest bed....yeah, crying doesn't do much good. This is part where I declare how glad I am that I married a man with handy-type skills ~ he went right to tearing down the tiles and ripping out the drywall. He located the problem, and starting taking stuff apart.


It sat like that over night, he got to work right away this morning and had the tub officially {fixed} before tiny person 1 got home from school. {Whew!} Thank goodness he's confident enough in his abilities to go ahead and at least {try} to do something that he's never done before rather than go straight to the yellow pages & call in a plumber. He totaled the receipts to right around $40. I don't even want to think about what the total would've been for someone to come out and do it for us.

Of course this is going to lead to other projects ~ installing an {access panel} in the ceiling (which should've been done by the people who finished the basement...) and probably tearing down {all} of the ceiling tiles and replacing them, or painting the drywall. I've been wanting to paint the walls down there for years, but was always told that we shouldn't bother to mess with it ~ I wonder if I'll get to paint them now!

So that's the excitement we've been dealing with here. Try not to be jealous of the glamour. ;)

1 comment:

  1. oh Sarah, never a dull moment!! Glad it worked out and it could have been much worse. Make the best of it and paint away! ;)



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